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Garage Flooring in California

Our experienced team of professionals specializes in providing top-quality flooring solutions for garages of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to update an existing garage floor or install a brand new one, we have the skills and expertise necessary to get the job done right.


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Alternatives / Options

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Floor Flakes System

Using an epoxy flakes system for garages has become a popular trend in recent years. This flooring system is made from colored epoxy resin and decorative flakes that are applied to the garage floor, creating a beautiful and durable surface.

Even if you are using your garage for your vehicle, for storage or as a gym, this type of floors are perfect for those spaces, since they have a modern but simple look and can be custom designed to match the aesthetic of your place.

Also, it is a smart investment, specially for homeowners who want a durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solution. With its durability, resistance to stains and chemicals, and slip-resistant surface, an epoxy flakes system is a great choice for garages.

Epoxy Solids Color

Epoxy Solids Color

Using an epoxy solid system for garages is an excellent way to transform a dull and worn-out garage floor into a beautiful and functional space. Also, epoxy solid colors are a great option for small garages, especially when you want to focus the attention on the walls or furniture.

With its durability, resistance to stains and chemicals, and slip-resistant surface, an epoxy solid system is a great choice for garages. Whether you use your garage for storage, a workspace, or a play area, an epoxy solid system can help transform it into a beautiful and functional space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Grind and Seal Sealed Concrete

Sealed Concrete

If you are looking for a low-cost but high-quality floor solution for the cracks and holes of your garage, sealed concrete is what you are looking for.

One of the benefits for sealed concrete floors is that they are resistant to moisture and chemicals. This is especially important for a garage, as spills and leaks are bound to happen. Sealed concrete floors will not absorb any spills or chemicals, making them easy to clean up and preventing any damage to the floor.

Also, these types of floor finishes are an excellent choice for any garage. They are durable, low-maintenance, resistant to moisture and chemicals, and can be customized to fit your design preferences. You can also dye or add a gloss or matte finish to create the design you prefer.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Polished concrete

If you’re looking for a durable and stylish flooring solution for your garage, polished concrete might just be the perfect choice for you. polished concrete is extremely durable and long-lasting. It can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, as well as spills, stains, and impacts. This makes it ideal for a garage where you may be parking cars, working on projects, or storing tools and equipment.

Polished concrete is also incredibly low-maintenance, making it a practical choice for busy homeowners. It doesn’t require waxing, sealing, or special cleaners, and can be easily cleaned with a broom or mop. This can save you time and money in the long run, as you won’t need to invest in costly maintenance or replacement down the line.

Liquid Diammond flooring

Liquid Diammond Finish

This innovative flooring system is made up of a blend of high-performance resins, quartz aggregates, and other specialty materials that combine to create a surface that is both beautiful and functional.

Liquid Diamond Floor System is its exceptional durability, making it ideal for garages. Also, it offers a sleek and modern appearance. The quartz aggregates used in the flooring system create a speckled, textured look that can add visual interest to your garage.

Metallic Flooring

Epoxy Metallic System

If you want an elegant and luxurious appearance for your floor, the Epoxy metallic system is the one for you, especially for big garages. With a lot of custom made designs, colors, combos and shapes we will turn your garage into an unique dreamed and high-end look garage that meets your expectations.

Overall, a metallic epoxy system can be an excellent investment for your garage, providing a beautiful, durable, and customizable surface that can enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your space.

OT Epoxy Recommendation

We give you some recommendations for the type of residential place you are looking for:

Garage for Vehicule

The most common we use for one or two-car garages, is the Flakes system, this type of finish enhances the beauty of your garage and creates a modern look for the space. The different size, colors and mixtures of the flakes make it versatile and easy to match your garage.

Garage for Car showroom

We recommend liquid diamond flooring or polished concrete. The best advantage of those systems is its ability to reflect light, which can make your car warehouse feel brighter and more spacious. This is particularly beneficial if you’re using your space to showcase cars or other vehicles, as it can help draw attention to them and make them stand out.

If you are looking for the most beautiful garage

The right for you is an Epoxy metallic finish or epoxy flake system. With those finishes, we can provide you with a lot of designs, with a lot of colors, patterns, sizes or shapes that you can customize to make your garage look better than you can imagine.


Epoxy Floor Flakes System
Epoxy Solids Color
Sealed Concrete
Epoxy Metallic System
Polished concrete